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Making a Complaint and Giving Compliments

We believe that complaints and complements are valuable indicators of the quality of our service and an opportunity to improve that quality. We assure all clients and their Service Users that no-one will be victimised for making a complaint, we encourage clients and Service Users to instigate the complaints procedure whenever they feel that this is necessary. We do not wish to confine complaints to major issues. We encourage clients or Service Users to comment when relatively minor matters are a problem to them, such as receiving cold food, or being kept waiting without explanation, or being spoken to in a manner that they do not like. It is our policy that all matters which disturb or upset a Service User should be reported, recorded and corrective action should be taken. Only in that way can we work towards meeting our aim of continuously improving our service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to lodge your complaints here or to complement our efforts.